About Me

I’m a gimp.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis way back in 1980, shortly after I returned from producing coverage of the Republican National Convention for WTOP, an all-news radio station in Washington, DC.

For the next 35+ years I continued working in the news media, retiring from the AEd and Laura - Istanbulssociated Press at the end of 2012.  Though my M.S. gradually slowed my pace, and I added a cane for short distances and a little electric scooter for longer, I continued to cover those conventions and campaigns, space shuttle launches, presidential summits and stories that allowed me to go to a lot of interesting places and meet some pretty interesting people. I guess, between work and play, I’ve traveled to about three dozen countries on four continents.

I’ve learned a few things about living with M.S. along the way and I’m writing this blog to share some of that knowledge with you.  I’ll also be sharing what I continue learn about treatments, products, travel and anything else that might help make life easier for someone who is dealing with M.S.

I hope you find something here that’s useful to you.  This is a new site so there’s a lot more to build.  Meanwhile, I encourage your suggestions and other feedback.  There’s a form below.

Ed Tobias



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