Night Life

I rarely re-blog something but this post from Jen just struck a chord. My occasional, but recurring, dream is that I’m walking and suddenly realize that I don’t have my cane. Sometimes I care…sometimes I don’t.

Tripping Through Treacle

I often feel like I have another life…. one that I can only access when I am asleep.

Although I can sometimes feel frustrated about the amount of time that I spend in bed, it is needed for me to be able to function and feel vaguely human, as many who have chronic illnesses will understand.  But there is another aspect to sleep that I appreciate – the dreams.  And this is where my other life comes in.

In my dreams, I do not have multiple sclerosis.  I have my old life back, one without tiredness, mobility problems, a scooter.  In my dreams I walk.  And I walk and I walk.  Usually around cities.  Its almost like it is a subconscious thing – like my brain knows that I can’t walk well so it gives me every opportunity to do it when I am asleep.


There is a quote from…

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