I Won’t Stop Running on World Multiple Sclerosis Day

I’ve been remiss in not noting World Multiple Sclerosis Day today until the day is almost over.  But I hope that sharing this music video, by the band A Great Big World, will encourage you to take the name of the song to heart and that you Won’t Stop Running.



Band member Chad King was diagnosed with MS in 2007.   His first symptoms were vertigo and a weakness in her legs.

“The first doctor I saw said I had MS. I didn’t believe her, I didn’t know what it was,” King told New York City radio station 1010 WINS. Doctors told King he’d likely be paralyzed in seven years without medication but, he says, the meds gave him severe side effects.  Instead, King began an alternative, holistic approach.  And he says he’s been symptom-free for years.

“I Wont Stop Running” was released today.

“This song in particular was my response to that doctor who said I would be paralyzed,” King told WINS.




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